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Dniepropetrovsk State
Financial and Economics Institute


Rector Professor Natalya Redina
Address 12 Arzhanova Street, Dniepropetrovsk 49083, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 562 23 70 01
Fax No. +380 562 35 02 75
E-mail address
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Finance
  • Type of courses Full-time and by correspondence
    Length of courses 4 years and 5 years
    Date of commencement 1 September each year
    Class size 25 students per class
    Accommodation Available
    Fees 550 USD per year (national students)
    Student profile 1. Ratio of Men/Women: 1:4
    2. Age range: 17-25
    Admission requirements Entrance examinations in Mathematics and Ukrainian language (in writing) No foreign language is required
    Contact for application Irene Shukis


    Faculties of Economics and Finance

    The Institute offers two degrees: bachelor's and specialist's (equivalent to master's degree) in Finance.

    Deans: E. Piskunova, A.Nadeeva.
    Contact details: Phone- +380 562 20 20 90
    Student body: 1957 students
    Staff: 114 professors, assistant professors, and instructors
    Chairs: Chairs of Finance and Economics
    Majoring in: Finance and Economics
    Basic academic disciplines: Theory of Economics; Macroeconomics; Accounting; Finance; Economy of Enterprises, Management, Marketing.
    Major fields of research: Investment, Small Businesses

    About the Institute

    Dniepropetrovsk State Financial and Economics Institute was founded in 1998 It trains specialists in the field of Economics and Finance.

    The teaching staff comprises 114 professors, assistant professors and instructors. They combine successfully academic and scientific work. The Chairman of the Finance Department V. Oliynik is a winner of the State Prize in Economics. Significant research work in Microeconomics is done at the Department of Economy of Enterprises headed by Prof. I. Bagrova. Research in Industrial Economy is carried out under the supervision of Prof. Yu. Dolgorukov. The facilities of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Technologies headed by Prof. D. Zelentsov is involved in the development and introduction of computer technologies in teaching / learning process. The range of scientific interest of Prof. N. Redina, the Rector of the Institute, embraces Business Administration, the Problems of Small Business and Personal Management. Under her supervision the Institute departments are engaged in the development of regional programmes in the field of investment.

    The departments are well equipped with computers and other technical facilities. The Institute has the largest collection of literature of economics in the city.

    The Institute has a modern dormitory, a gym and a swimming pool.


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