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Pylmon Languages


Address Pau ClarÝs, 89 Entlo. 2¬ 08010 - Barcelona, SPAIN
Tel. No. +34 93 30 13 53 2
Fax No. +34 93 31 78 19 2
E-mail address
Director of studies Pilar Tirˇn and Montse Barrera
Courses Spanish Language
Course Titles
  • Intensive 10
  • Intensive 20
  • Intensive 30
  • DELE
  • Private lessons
  • Extensive
  • Groups
  • Type of courses INTENSIVE 10
    All levels
    Available all year.
    This course consists of 10 hours tuition per week.
    The students may choose between the first module (grammar) and the second one (listening/reading comprehension and oral/written production) depending on their needs. Their choice is advised by the Academic Coordinator of Spanish.

    All levels
    Available all year.
    This course consists of 20 hours tuition plus 2 hours of Spanish Culture per week. The first module (grammar) and the second module (listening/reading comprehension and oral/written production) take place every day. The lesson on culture takes place once a week.

    All levels.
    Available all year.
    This course consists of 30 hours tuition per week. The first module (grammar), the second module (listening/reading comprehension and oral/written production) and 2 additional lessons take place every day.

    From Intermediate level.
    Available before the date of the exam.
    There are two exam announcements per year: one in May and one in November. The Cervantes Institute in collaboration with the University of Salamanca organizes the official exams to obtain the DELE diploma (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) officially recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.
    This course consists of 20 hours tuition per week, distributed in 4 hours per day on specific preparation for the exam.

    All levels.
    If you have little time and would like to make the most of it, the best option is the individual tuition. You will be able to learn Spanish at your own pace instead of following a group's pace. Both the content of the course and the schedule, as well as the starting date are arranged to suit your needs.

    All levels.
    If you don't have time in the morning, we offer you afternoon lessons. The AFTERNOON course consists of 3 or 6 hours per week.

    We offer courses for groups with programmes organized to suit your needs. If you require further information about these courses, please contact the school.
    Length of courses Minimum 1 week, the student decides the duration of the course. Except the DELE that has a duration of 4-5 weeks depending on the official date of examination
    Level of courses We have courses for all levels:
    Beginner (A1)
    Elementary (A2)
    Intermediate (B1)
    Advanced I (B2)
    Advanced II (C1)
    Proficiency (C2)
    Examinations offered Cambridge Exams (FCE, CAE and CPE)
    In order to form homogeneous groups and to assign you the most suitable class according to your level, you are required to sit an oral and written placement test the first day of class (except for absolute beginners).
    Class size Minimum 1 – Maximum 8
    Date of commencement Every Monday
    Except the DELE that has a duration of 4-5 weeks depending on the official date of examination
    Accommodation Family – Shared flat – Student Residence – Hotel
    Admission requirements Minimum 18 years old
    Student profile For adults, we accept students of all the nationalities.
    Cost / Fees Application fee 50 € (first book and didactic materials included), except extensive course.
    Intensive 10 ---- 120 €/week
    Intensive 20 ---- 140 €/week
    Intensive 30 ---- 220 €/week
    DELE ---- 220 €/week
    Extensive ---- 260 €/week
    Groups ---- depends on the type of course. Requesting budget to the school.

    Private lessons for 1 person:
    Price 1 hour ---- 30 €/hour
    Price bono 10 hours ---- 280 €/bono
    Price bono 20 hours ---- 520 €/bono
    Price bono 30 hours ---- 750 €/bono

    Private lessons for 2 people (price per person)
    Private lessons for 1 person:
    Price 1 hour ---- 28 €/hour
    Price bono 10 hours ---- 260 €/bono
    Price bono 20 hours ---- 480 €/bono
    Price bono 30 hours ---- 690 €/bono
    Contact person for application Montse Barrera – Pilar Tirˇn


    About the courses


    The methodology used in Pylmon Languages is based on giving the students solid grammatical knowledge so that they develop their communication skills, improving their linguistic performance in the business, personal and professional environment.

    Linguistic immersion is our main objective. For this reason, classes are conducted entirely in Spanish.

    Since the learning pace is different for each student, our teachers will meet every week to assess your progress individually and ensure that you are in the appropriate level.

    In order to achieve this goal we have two different modules, each consisting of two lessons of 55 minutes:
    The academic programme is structured in grammar, conversation, listening and culture lessons.

    1st Module - Grammar
    Presentation of concepts and their grammatical application, followed by practical exercises.
    2nd Module – Listening/Reading comprehension and oral/written production.

    About the School

    The school is located in the heart of Barcelona, only a five-minute walk from Plaša Catalunya.

    In a modernist building of late 19C, in the Eixample district, which has the characteristic of a squared distribution, and where are the most emblematic buildings of the city.

    Pylmon is in a first floor, where used to live the bourgeoisie. The ceilings are very high and decorated with wooden and paintings. The main hall has a majestic chimney and an enormous hanging lamp, spider shape, iron wrought, hanging down from a beautiful glass cupola.

    The school has eight air-conditioned classrooms, all with natural light, a conference hall, a free-access Internet room, a library/video library and a spacious room where you can meet your classmates and have a coffee.

    Around the school, you can find all kind of shops, also department stores and fashion bars. It is worth to mention that at only few meters from the school there is a coffee-bookshop with a bohemian touch, as is the meeting point of writers.

    How to get to the school?

    By metro
    Red line (L-1) Plaša Urquinaona
    Green line (L-3) Plaša Catalunya
    Yellow line (L-4) and lilac line (L-2) Passeig de GrÓcia
    Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat (FGC) Plaša Catalunya.

    By train
    To Plaša Catalunya and Passeig de GrÓcia.

    By coach
    All lines stopping in Plaša Catalunya, Passeig de GrÓcia or Gran Via.


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