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M.Sc. in Financial Management

Degree awarded
Master of Science (3rd cycle)

Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), 47A Evelpidon Street, Athens, Greece

+30 210 8203 630/856

E-mail address

Type of course
Full-time and Part-time

Language of tuition

Length of course
12months full time program
24months part time program

Date of commencement
October each year

Application deadline
May 30th

Class size
25 students

Cost / fees
6200 Euros for full-time students
6400 Euros for part-time students

Student grants / Financial assistance
Full Scholarships available for Greek nationals only

No dorm available, flats for rent at reasonable price

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
PWC, EY, Financial Institutions in Greece and Abroad

Student profile
1. Ratio of National / International students - 95%/5%
2. Ratio of Men / Women - 40%/60%
3. Age range - 22-35

Admission requirements
The evaluation and acceptance of applicants is based on the following criteria:

  • Bachelor Degree from a recognized university (non Greek degrees must be recognized by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre ).
  • Grade point average of the Bachelor degree.
  • Two reference letters.
  • Very good command of the English language, as indicated by a TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS score or CAE/CPE.
  • Grades received in postgraduate courses in accounting and/or finance
  • Evaluation of the undergraduate thesis if there is one Work experience obtained upon completion of the undergraduate studies (only for part-time applicants).
  • Personal interview by the Admissions Committee

Programme Director
Professor Apostolos Ballas

Contact details for application
Kassiani Choli
Chara Alexandri
Address: 47A Evelpidon Str., 11362, Athens, Greece
Telephones: +30 210 8203630 / +30 210 8203 856

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

M.Sc. in Financial Management

The Masterís program in Financial Management is a new postgraduate program, established in 2018 (M.D. 5584/ Governmental Gazette 3841/issue Βí/6-9-2018) and is entirely taught in English. It mainly aims to attract international students as well as Greek students interested in attending a Masterís program in English.

The program flaunts this way an international profile, in line with the latest global economic and business developments, thus reinforcing AUEB and its graduatesí skills for competing in the international marketplace.

The programís curriculum is up to date and in line with the latest scientific developments, designed to offer high-quality specialized scientific knowledge in the field of Financial Management while focusing on current international trends in the area. Considering the unstable national and international economic conditions, as well as the high complexity of financial markets, specific knowledge in this field is now, more than ever, essential for climbing the executive ladder in any given industry.

Admission Criteria

The program accepts university graduates, from Greek or non-Greek higher education institutions that have been recognized from the Hellenic NARIC organization (DOATAP), according to the law 4485/2017 (article 34).

The program accepts up to twenty five (25) students to the full time group and twenty five (25) to the part time group per year.

Applicants selection is made according to the provisions of the Law No. 4485/2017 and the programís Academic Regulations as published in the Governmental Gazette No. 3529/issue Β/21-8-2018.

The Following documents must be submitted with the application, as indicated in the official call for applications:
  1. Online application form http://e-graduate.applications...
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copies of all University Degrees / Diplomas and Official Transcripts of marks received. Applicants that have not yet graduated from their universitiesí must submit a solemn statement of Law No. 1599/86 that if selected for the MSc program, they will have completed their undergraduate studies until the forthcoming September.
  4. Certified copy of the English language certification verifying very good command of the language (at least level C1, as determined by a TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL score) or Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency
  5. Two confidential recommendation letters (for FT applicants only academic references are accepted, while for PT applicants employerís references are also accepted)
  6. Proof of employment record (for part time applicants)
  7. For non-Greek university degrees recognition by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (DOATAP) is required according to the Law No. 4485/2017 art. 34.
Learning Outcomes of the Program

Upon successful completion of his/her studies, the programís graduate is expected to have developed comprehensive and specialized knowledge on the core concepts and the most recent trends in Financial Management. He/she is expected to demonstrate an understanding of and to be able to analyze the fundamental rules and processes of financial reporting, the functioning of financial institutions and money and capital markets.

The graduate is also expected to be able to analyze specialized topics in key thematic areas for an investment professional, i.e., fundamental analysis of equities, financing decisions, mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, fraud examination, derivatives valuation, financial planning, and taxation.

Furthermore, the programís graduate will be able to apply, analyze and synthesize financial information, to evaluate managerial performance, the financial position, credit capacity, short and long-term survival, and growth prospects of firms, as well as to conduct a full-blown business valuation exercise.

Moreover, the graduate is expected to have strong analytical and critical skills, and will be able to use information technology, statistical and financial analysis tools, in order to competently follow the rapidly changing academic and empirical developments in the field of Financial Management, at national and international levels.

In the context of financial markets having currently reached a very high degree of complexity, the MSc graduates will be in position to constructively implement sophisticated and academically rigorous concepts, in order to adapt to the constantly changing needs of a successful career in Financial Management.

Program Structure

The Masterís Program in Financial Management is equal to seventy five (75) ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), and includes twelve (12) courses, worth five (5) ECTS credits each, as well as the MSc thesis, worth fifteen (15) ECTS credits.

Full time program

 Course title  ECTS
 1st Semester  
 1st Period  
 Financial Management  5
 Econometric Methods  5
 Accounting for Corporations I  5
 2nd Period  
 International Finance  5
 Corporate Finance  5
 Accounting for Corporations II  5
 2nd Semester  
 3rd Period  
 Investment Management  5
 Accounting Measurement of Financial Instruments IFRS 9  5
 Fundamental Analysis of Investments  5
 4th Period (students must select three courses equal to a total of 15 Credit Units)  
 Derivatives Markets and Valuation  5
 Corporate Financing: Trends and Developments  5
 Commercial and Investment Banking  5
 Fraud Examination  5
 Mergers and Acquisitions  5
 Taxation Issues  5
 Financial Planning  5
 Dissertation - Summer Months  
 Data Collection, Analysis, Writing, and Presentation of Dissertation  15

Job placement

Graduates of the program benefit from the excellent relations that the Department of Accounting and Finance has built over the twenty-five years of its existence with firms in the financial sector. Students graduate well equipped to seek employment and follow successful careers in the private and public sector either in Greece or abroad. It is expected that the programís graduates will be recruited by companies and organizations, such as commercial and investment banks, financial institutions, brokerage firms, consulting firms, insurance companies, real estate agencies and shipping firms.

International Students

Upon arrival in Greece all international students have to go through the following steps:
  • Register at the University
  • Apply for a residence permit. The following documentation is necessary:

    1. Two photocopies of the passport (showing the first page as well as the page with the stamped visa).
    2. Two colored passport size photos.
    3. Two copies of a confirmation letter that the student is registered at AUEB (provided by the Secretariat of the program, in Greek).
    4. Two copies of a document that proves the student has sufficient funds to cover his/her expenses while studying in Athens (e.g. bank account statement or a letter from the University for Scholarship Holders).
    5. Two copies of a health certificate from a Greek Public Hospital stating that the student does not suffer from any contagious decease (the University will arrange an appointment).

  • Apply to DOATAP (Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for recognition and validation of Bachelor's degree.
Documents required for degree recognition:

International Students who do not have a VAT ID must be identified by DOATAP in order to be able to use the e-doatap platform ( . Thus, he/she is required to submit to the Agency the following:
  1. Valid Passport or Resident permit
  2. Application for Registration on the e-doatap platform (application form)
  3. Required documents for the BSc / MSc recognition
When the authentication process is successfully completed, the applicant will receive access to the e-doatap platform electronically.

In the case where foreign citizens leave abroad, they should go to a Greek Embassy with their identity or passport and request for passport identification codes and authenticity of their signature. The citizen then sends the application with the identification codes and authenticity of their signature and a copy of the displayed document (ID or passport), electronically to protocol(at) with notification at helpdesk(at)

About Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is the third oldest Higher Education Institution of the country and the first in the field of Economics and Business Administration. Over the course of time, the fields of Informatics and Statistics were added to its curriculum. Since it was founded in 1920, it boasts a rich tradition of significant academic achievements that define the present and create excellent prospects for the future.

The University, as a center of excellence in academic research and teaching, is rated as one of the leading universities in Greece and one of the best internationally in the cognitive subjects it serves. The high level of its scientific staff, the quality in teaching and research, the modern curriculum/courses, but also the high demand of its graduates enhance significantly the Universityís brand name and reputation, in Greece and abroad.

AUEB is conveniently located in downtown Athens, less than one kilometer from the National Museum and the central Omonia Square. The program is housed in the new Graduate School building at Evelpidon & Lefkados Street. It is located across from the Pedion Areos Park and near the Panellinion Stadium. This modern building, initiated in 1999, is well organized with amphitheaters, classrooms, computers labs, and student areas.

The area around the University (Patission-Kypseli) is a very lively area with a public transportation network with subway, trolleys and buses that reach all of Athens and its surroundings. The area is easy to walk, with many different ethnic restaurants and neighborhoods, museums, shops, theaters and sports events. A number of restaurants and cafes are conveniently located in or around the University area. Students can participate in a number of athletic activities, using the facilities of the nearby Panellinion Stadium. In addition, students can participate in various cultural activities of the University, such as theatrical and musical performances, dancing, etc.

AUEB provides not only high-quality education but also high quality student services. The adoption of the Presidential Decree 387/83 and the Law 1404/83 defines the operation, organization and administration of Student Clubs at Universities, which aim at improving the living conditions of the students and enhance their social and intellectual wellbeing through engagement and socialization initiatives.

To fulfill this objective the University ensures the required infrastructure for housing, meals and sports activities through the operation of a student restaurant, reading rooms, library, organization of lectures, concerts, theatrical performances and excursions in Greece and abroad. Further in this context, the University supports the development of international student relations, organizes foreign language classes, computer/software literacy classes, and courses in modern Greek as a foreign language for foreign students and expatriated Greek students.


In the main building of the University there is a restaurant where all members of the university community can enjoy meals for free or by paying a minimum fee. Free meals are granted to those who meet special conditions (by contacting the Student Club).

Medical Services, Insurance / Healthcare

Undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD students of the University who have no other medical and hospital care are entitled to full medical and hospital care in the National Health System with coverage of the relevant costs by the National Health Service Provider. The doctor΄s office is located in the main building and operates on some working days as announced. A psychiatric counseling service also operates at the University, staffed with a physician specializing in the treatment of mental health issues.

Services/Facilities to Students with Special Needs

Athens University of Economics and Business ensures the facilitation of students with special needs for access to the university buildings through ramps, lifts and other equipment. There are also specific exam regulations for students with special needs. In addition, the Library provides students with visual impairment with aids to access online the proposed reading lists of the courses taught at the University. In this context, the Association of Greek Academic Libraries has developed a multimodal electronic library called AMELIB. Entry to this service requires user authentication as well as username and password.

Student Financial Aid Ė Scholarships and Awards

Athens University of Economics and Business offers scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in order to support them and to award and encourage excellence. The resources for these scholarships come from the Institution itself or from partnering organizations.

Studies Advisor

In each Department, a Professor-Advisor is appointed by the General Assembly, with the competence to direct and advise students on their studies. The ProfessorĖAdvisors (faculty members and EDIP) accept the students for queries and advice regarding the educational process on days and times announced by the Professor-Advisor's office.

Library and Study Rooms

The Library & Information Center of the University was established in 1920 and operates on the first and second floor of the University's main building. The AUEB Library is a member of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Association (Heal-LINK), the European Documentation Centers Europe Direct and the Economic Libraries Cooperation Network (DIOB).

Three Documentation Centers operate within the Library:
  • The European Documentation Center (KET) since 1992,
  • The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Documentation Center since 1997,
  • The Delegation Center of the World Tourism Organization (WHO) hosting publications since 2004.
The Library contributes substantially both to meeting the needs for scientific information of the academic community and to supporting the study and research activities of the students. This objective is achieved through the unified organization of collections and the coordination of the services provided. The Library provides access to:
  • Its printed collection of books and scientific journals,
  • Course books used in classes,
  • Its collection of electronic scientific journals
  • Its collection of e-books
  • Postgraduate theses and doctoral theses that are produced in Athens University of Economics and Business and deposited in digital form at the PYXIDA institutional repository
  • Sectoral studies
  • Statistical series by national and international organizations
  • Audiovisual material
  • Information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries)
  • Collection of official government publications of the European Union, the OECD and the WCO
  • Databases on the issues adopted by the University
  • Printed collections of other academic libraries
The Library lends all its printed collections, except for magazines and statistical series, in accordance with its internal rules of operation. The Library and Information Center offers reading rooms, computer workstations for visitors, photocopiers and printing machines, and interlibrary loan of books and journal articles from other academic libraries that are members of its network.

International Programs and Information on International Student Mobility

Athens University of Economics and Business is actively involved in the Erasmus+ Program by promoting cooperation with universities, businesses, and international organizations of the European Union (EU) as well as in the mobility of students, teaching and administrative staff. Within the framework of this Program, the University collaborates with more than 220 European Institutions on the subjects that its Departments encompass. It is worth mentioning that more than 7,000 students have participated in the "Erasmus" Program to date.

Foreign Language Courses

Knowledge of foreign languages is a necessity in todayís educational and professional context. The Student Club offers opportunities of attending foreign language classes. Classes are held in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian, and new language seminars are available upon request.

Liaisons with the Labor Market, Job Placements and Entrepreneurship

DASTA AUEB is the Universityís Employment and Career Unit that plans, coordinates and implements actions related to:
a) Entrepreneurship and innovation
b) Connecting students and graduates with the labor market
c) Connecting the academic community with businesses
d) Offering internships, and
e) Supporting dissemination of research output.
DASTA is structured in three units:
a) the Internship and Career Unit, that focuses on supporting our students and graduates in their professional development. The Unit also offers consulting services to students and graduates regarding work and educational future.
b) the ACEin Unit (Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation). Its goal is to support business ventures focused on implementing an innovative idea, develop a sustainable business effort or exploit the results of their research. At the same time, the Unit organizes actions that are part of a wider network between the Unit and the market in specific productive sectors.
Athletic Activities

Students can participate in individual and team sports activities through the Department of Physical Education, which is staffed by University personnel, as well as a number of part-time instructors specialized in various sports. The University cooperates with the City of Athens Culture, Sports and Youth Organization and uses public and private sports facilities.

Cultural Activities

To fulfill its purpose of providing a multidimensional study experience at AUEB, the Student Club organizes various cultural activities, such as theater, traditional dance, choir, photography, cinema, rhetorical club and Model Of United Nations (MUN).

Athens City

Athens is the capital and largest city in Greece with a population of over four million people. Given its strategic location and membership in the European Union, Greece plays a key role in the international trade between Europe and the rapidly developing Balkan and Asian countries. Greece is also the biggest investor in the Balkans.

In addition, Athens is the cradle of democracy and academia. The city combines its unique history and archeological monuments with a vibrant way of living and unforgettable nightlife. Athens is also a city with many different aspects and landscapes. A walk around the famous historic triangle (Plaka, Thission, Psyri) reveals a blend of many different eras: ancient monuments and old mansions along with sophisticated contemporary buildings, luxurious department stores next to small friendly shops, and fancy gourmet restaurants situated alongside traditional taverns. Last but not least, Athens is not only one of the safest cities in the world, but one of the most hospitable as well!

Getting around Athens is also very easy and affordable nowadays because the city offers a very good public transportation network with the underground, metro and suburban railway reaching almost every single neighborhood in the city! In addition, public shuttle buses and trolleys are very convenient for getting around the city Centre in no time! There is also a tram which connects the city Centre with the beautiful seaside suburbs and the Athenian coastline! Living in Athens will give you the best of student yearsí memories. As an MSc student, you will acquire productive, rewarding and enjoyable time in AUEB, plus you will live the unforgettable student experience in Athens!